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Trinity Industrial Services Recycling

Trinity Industrial Services specializes in the recycling of metal and concrete. We offer a safe and environmentally-friendly solution for our clients to recycle their material while eliminating the need to hire a third company to manage the recyclables. Trinity Industrial Services has a 30-acre recycling facility which allows us to meet all OSHA standards for safe environmentally-friendly recycling practices. 

The Right Equipment, Technology and Tools
Trinity Industrial Services is a partner you can trust. We have all the equipment, technology and tools needed to handle your recycling needs including our 30-acre recycling yard that guarantees superior performance at affordable rates.

We operate track-mounted portable crushing and screening equipment. We can design and document a LEED compliance project and can professionally perform the recycling of concrete, aggregates, metals and other reusable building materials for reintroduction to the project site or for resale.

Environmental Protection
We take great pride in providing an environmentally-friendly solution for our clients that also reduces their impact on the environment. Protecting the environment is job #1 for us. 

We also take material recycling very seriously. 

Our experienced team with a full array of hauling equipment owned by Trinity Industrial Service will allow you the comfort of knowing that you are doing your part to protect the environment by hiring a full turnkey service provider that will ensure all materials are responsibly removed and recycled.

Metal Recycling
Trinity Industrial Services provides a turn-key service for all your scrap metal recycling needs. We will pick up your scrap metal right at the demolition site, and have it recycled. Our service is environmentally friendly and saves you the hassle of locating other service providers to haul away any excess scrap metal or materials.

Our experienced and diverse team facilitates the recycling of all scrap materials using our Trinity Industrial Services-owned and operated hauling equipment. We are your true full turnkey service provider.  

Commercial and residential services
We also provide commercial and residential recycling. This includes old appliances, computers, television sets, or any other type of scrap metal that you may need to dispose of. We can arrange for the disposal of any large appliances or metal materials in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Our scrap metal processing is safe for the environment and one less thing you need to worry about. Our superior equipment, technology and tools make recycling easy for our clients while eliminating the need for them to hire a third-party to manage their recyclables. This provides a cost-effective solution for our clients while reducing environmental impact.

Learn how we can make your construction recycling project easy for you and safe for the environment. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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